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The site of the best photographers Foto-luxe.com: the art from the professionals!

In today's world it is extremely difficult, almost impossible, to find a man who never in his entire life didn't take any photos. Equally challenging is the encounter with a truly professional photographer who has reached the highest skill in the art of photography. With a talented photographer who knows how to look deeply into the essence of the human being in the frame or image. With the photographer, who is able to predict not yet taken place good moments and immediately respond to them. Finally, the photographer, who, among other things, gets the greatest pleasure from the process of holding a photo session. Only in this case the result of the work of this masterpiece is worthy of attention of so many people from different cities and countries, leaving no one indifferent.

The magical world of photographic art

Our Site of best photographers enables each person, regardless of his place of residence, to touch the magical world of photographic art. The guests are presented with exclusive works of the best photographers, who were able to uncover the most unique, the beauty and emotion of certain events, characters. Ability of the photographers, artists to see  the frame coirrectly, to focus on the details, just to build the necessary track, find the perfect lighting solutions are fully reflected in the most unpredictable and original photos.


Today there are a variety of types and direction of photography, presented in the galleries of the left column of the site: 

- Outdoor

Shooting in nature, it transmits the full depth of emotions, feelings and moods of the characters.


- Art

Photo in style of Art - is a real magic, which helps anyone to transform into a mythical and fantastic creature.


- Studio

Studio photo session helps you to get only high-quality photos. Photos taken and heaped by the most expensive cameras or even the smartest smartphones, can never replace a professional photography studio.


- Portfolio

A series of wonderful photos total, large and medium-Plan allows you to successfully and profitably as possible to emphasize the appearance of the model shown in the most advantageous light of its charm and personality.


- Black and white

Black and white photo shoot - it's not timeless classic that was, is and will always be popular, fashionable and loved by many. Black-and-white photos helps hide those flaws that are visible on color photos. 


- Portrait (male, female)

Professional portrait photographer is able to best convey the inner world and display models, open it in the most favorable light. 


- Wedding

Professional wedding photos enchanting, full of meaning, color and character of the holiday.


- Love story

Shooting Love story - a romantic photo session for lovers presented in the form of a beautiful film about love, in order to notice the most subtle details of relationships.


- Nude

These photos help to delicately reveal the secret and subtle to the naked eye as a model open peace perfection of body lines, aesthetics and the beauty of its appearance.


- Pregnancy

Professional photo shoot of the future mother is able to fully reveal its charm, an inner light, an incredible tenderness and beauty.


- Family

Family photography - professional photography of family members, brings us back to the good old tradition of hiking in the photographer's studio, but in a new, qualitative level.


- Children

Baby pictures are imbued with special vividness, freshness, spontaneity, naturalness and bright personality kids.


- Advertising

Professional advertising photography - is the most popular genre of photography and powerful sales tool. It plays a very important role in the promotion of products and services.


- Fashion

Fashion photography can compete with the portraits of the great masters of the past and is a reflection of the modern era of fashion images. Now it is extremely in demand in the luxury goods market.


- Covers

Shooting for magazine covers - it is the highest achievement, the truth is born beauty in the details.


- Interiors

Interior beautifully photographing helps show space arrangement and design of any room perfectly as residential and non-residential.


- Items

Subject photography - a special section of photographic art, designed in a favorable light to provide any goods eyes of buyers.


- Food and Beverage

Professional food-shooting (photographing food, beverage, food) helps to present the beautiful photographs of dishes on the websites of restaurants, cafes, decorate menus showcase of culinary publications, packaging.


- Celebrity

Taking pictures of celebrities is an extremely difficult task, and a lot of photographers would like to perform this task.


- Animals

Photographing animals - is an inexhaustible source of positive emotions, creating a funny and touching images.