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Our Site, Foto-luxe.comoffers you the best works of the best photographers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries.


All photographs are sorted by genre (see left column).

Open-air, art, studio, portfolio, black-and-white, portrait of a woman, male portrait, wedding, love story, nude, pregnancy, family, children, advertising, fashion, covers, interiors, objects, food and drink, celebrity and others.

To view the works, select the type of shooting in the left column of the site, select the country and city.

You will see the best pictures from the best photographers of your city in the selected genre.

If you are interested in the type of photography which is absent on our website of Popular photographers, please let us know so we can fix this and make the site even more useful to you.

View full-scale version of any photo you can, if you just "click" on it.

Under each photographer works for your convenience, provided the following links:

«All the work of the photographer», by clicking on which you will be able to see all the work the photographer which would not depend on the particular genre.

«See prices», clicking on which you can see the cost of your favorite photos and read all the working conditions and details of this photographer.

«To place an order for a photo session», clicking on which you can place your order online at photography at your favorite photos.

To do this, simply enter your name, email and telephone number. If you prefer, you can also enter the desired date and time of shooting, write suggestions, comments, or comments in the "Message". Click "send" and after a while you will contact our manager for ordering the shooting or advice.

We can also provide a link for you to buy your favorite photos on request.

When viewing the work you can choose how many pictures should be shown on the page, or leave the default page-division with 9 pictures on 1 page.


In the «Best Picture» you can see a selection of the best pictures made by the best photographers, regardless of the shooting type. To view the full-version of any photo, you need to click on it. Under the photo is the link "Place an order for a photo session", which is already automatically buried a country, city, type of photographer and subject. If desired, you can change these settings.


View the price of works of photographers, as well as detailed information about each of them you can see "Prices". To do this you will need to choose your country, city and photographer from the list that appears. There are also buttons "All the works of the photographer" and "Place an order for a photo session" for your convenience.


In the "Information" website posted our Courses, Gift Certificates, Partners Polls, Reviews, News, Articles.


Section "Courses" will help you choose the best course from the best, experienced, highly skilled and well-known photographer in your city. To do this you need to choose the country, the city and see the list of master classes held in your city from the detailed description, as well as recorded through the online form "Make an application for the Course."


Section "Gift Certificates" will help you buy a gift certificate for photography. Terms and conditions of the certificate of registration are flexible, developed strictly for all your needs and wishes.


"Partners" section displays a list of our partners, who will give you a discount on your products or services just because you call our site Foto-luxe.com


The section "Polls" is intended to improve our site, helping you in making decisions and to photographers able to better understand your wishes and requirements and, accordingly, it is better to work for you.


Section: "Guest" presented feedback on your photos, master classes photographers with whom you have to communicate, and so forth.

All reviews are placed in the original form, without editing and correction, saved spelling and punctuation of the author.

In order to view comments on a photo of your region, you need to choose a country, town. If in your city no one has left any feedback, we will be happy if you will leave your. This will help others to make the right decision on cooperation with the photographer.


"News" section talks about the latest developments taking place on our website Popular photographers.


Section "Articles" is intended both for entertainment and for learning new photography.


We only work with the most well-known, experienced, highly qualified photographers.

In addition, we have made for you a special website Board of creative people, which houses everything photographers, regardless of their experience, skill level of fame.


We are always ready to answer all your questions, advise you, in time to take the order.


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