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What is a portfolio?

 take a photo portfolio You make photo portfolio in order to be successful, to get a better paying job or find a soul mate? If so, you just need to make a portfolio! This is the best way to show your success or even create the illusion of it in today's society!

  Portfolio (from Italian. portfolio - briefcases, folders for documents) is a sample of photos or works. Portfolio - it is the same thing as job, only in the form of colorful photographs and in the 21st century it has become a must have!

  Portfolio can be used for personal purposes, such as marriage agencies in order to attract the most interesting partner for social networks to brag to your friends. On dating sites portfolio can dramatically turn the personal life for the better. After all, it is quite often a person wants to see and know everything before they make a decision regarding the communication with you.

  Domestic same pictures posted on social networks, it's not a portfolio because of the fact that they are not high quality and not professional. Therefore, when choosing the photographer to make your portfolio you should be guided by the level and quality of his work, in order to not pay twice by ordering the portfolio of another master. Only such a professional portfolio as opposed to the amateur photography is able to emphasize the external advantages, to introduce you to the best advantage.

  Portfolio gives you a chance to change all that!


Why do I need portfolio?

 order portfolio The life of every person in its own interest, it often occur unusual and exciting event. But over time, memories fade in our memory, images are blurred and everything is quietly forgotten.

  All memorable moments (wedding, meeting, get-together, etc.), as well as the long-awaited improvement in appearance (for example, after the weight loss, surgery) can be captured in photos, which will continue to exist and will give pleasure by looking at them.

  Currently, it has become an art form that has several areas that have emerged on the basis of the world-famous proverb "Meet on clothes ...." more relevant than ever. This is a common amateur photography, model portfolios, acting portfolio, shooting for online dating sites, more highly paid jobs, just to please a loved one, to boast to your friends and so on.

  In the West, the portfolio is needed even for taking photographs of important documents, profiles, and more.

  Portfolio is something you are not ashamed to show your friends, give to your loved one, put in a frame at the art post-processing, make a poster.

  But it must be remembered that only an impressive portfolio, made by a professional photographer, will open all the doors, and getting one from the weak, i.e doing it yourself or requesting it to be done by cheap unskilled photographer, on the contrary, will close them!


Studio photography and shooting in the plain air

  The main components of studio photography are: correctly put light to highlight the attractiveness and individuality, successful composition placed accents for competent, professional make-up. All this helps to make great pictures.

  Studio photography is divided into:

  1. Portfolio to resume
  2. Shooting for a dating site
  3. Portfolio for social networks
  4. Portrait photographer

studio photography, portrait photography, shooting in the open air, family photography, children's photography, glamour photography

Portrait photography - the most difficult genre of photography. Here you need to show the right emotions, character and inner world, the power of only a few.

Portrait photography can be carried out in black and white or in color, in both low and high-keys.

  1. Portfolio of a dancer

In the dance portfolio focuses on plastic dance, sensitive, showing how the dancer would disclose the purpose of the choreographer.

  1. Photos in retro style
  2. Glamour photography

For the glamorous shoot it is necessary to use services of a professional makeup artist.

  1. Shooting in the nude and topless
  2. Family photography

Family portraits shot captures the whole family.

  1. Shooting pregnancy reflects the happy expectation of a miracle
  2. Shooting newborns helps keep in memory the moments of boundless joy
  3. Portfolio of a child

Children surveyed are bought by many parents to keep the best memories.

  1. Portfolio pets, favorite animals, pictures for exhibitions, sale
  2. Shooting in the interior

Shooting in the interior is often done in the case of business portraits, fashion, glamour, advertising.

...... and much more, shooting love-story (for couples in love), hobbies (good for men) in nature, or wedding.

Shooting in the open air helps get natural photos. Plain air (from the French. "en plein air" in the open air) image using sunlight, aerial perspective. Nature looks great shot love-story and shooting hobby: fishing, roller skates, snowmobiles, horse riding, cycling and much more.

  Portfolio may reflect the story of your life in photos. But if you really want a professional portfolio, you need to find a competent expert despite the fact if it is done in nature or in the studio. And then the result of a few hours, make-up, posing, followed by post-processing will exceed all your expectations.

  Professional photography portfolio lasts 2-6 hours, sometimes even more.

  On the shooting it is necessary to take clothes and underwear for several disguises, footwear, cosmetics.

  And during shooting, it is desirable to try to look different. And then it really will change your life in all its directions!


Model portfolio

model portfolio  We all admire the glossy magazines, looking at the beautiful face, exquisite shapes, excellent artistic images. The embodiment of this kind of human beauty is possible for any human being through the creation of a portfolio with the help of a professional wizard that each and every person will make any magazine.

  Model portfolio is a tool to communicate with customers for work (visual summary). It shows the model in all its glory. 

  Model portfolio (BUK) consists of professional photos of models. Made at the highest level, it helps to stand out from its competitors, do a terrific career. In the process of creating such a portfolio should attend a professional stylist make-up artist, who will help to create the desired image, posture, atmosphere.

  During the creation of a portfolio model, you need to focus on the advantages, for example, which could emphasize the beautiful figure, expressive facial features or hair, skin.

  This portfolio should contain a few black and white photographs that have even more advantageous color, and snapshots. This is a photo model without makeup with hair tied back, in a neutral swimsuit or lingerie on a neutral plain background with soft lighting.

  In addition, the necessary shots the following plan:

 -serious face

 -face smiling

 -figure in everyday clothes

 -figure in evening dress

 -figure in swimsuit

  The best thing is that a portfolio is consisting of 20 of the best versatile staff, but no more (quality is always better than quantity).

  In addition, the model portfolio requires the images taken without any make-up to show external data in a standardized form.

  Only professionally made model portfolio will help the future model of finding a decent job!


Acting portfolio

  actor portfolio, portfolio Kristen StewartPortfolio is the original card in our time to provide prospective employer or a loved one.

  Portfolio of the actor shows the emotions of the actor, then what role he can perform in a movie or the theater. It plays a leading role charisma, emotions, the ability to transform, appearance is of secondary importance. It is necessary to properly show his acting expertise to produce the most profitable, interesting roles.

  For this you should have done at least 3 different image, where the person does't matter, but what does is, the right way of expression conceived.

  The actor's portfolio, is the most popular technique of psychological portrait of "low key".

  Professionally made acting portfolio is the hallmark of the actor, reflects his "type" and an image potential, it helps to find the desired high-paying job!


Pose model

  Pose models during shooting must be at ease, free and natural, without a sense of posturing, especially the hands, fingers.

  When shooting it can be rotated in order for it to be fully illuminated (shadows can strengthen weaknesses).

  The best posture to take pictures:

1. "Natural experience": the weight is distributed on both hips and on one hip, arm - in any asymmetric position.
2. "The sense of intrigue": the face (eyes) turns to the camera angle.
3. "Correct posture": sit down, leaned forward, resting on the thigh, be aware of posture.
4. "The effect of heels": to reveal the chest, dilute elbows back, lift his head.
5. "Reduce the fullness of the hips": sit sideways, shifting weight on the thigh, close to the camera.
6. "Tighten legs": to sit at an angle to the camera, his feet a short distance apart.
7. "Reduce the waist, avoiding folds": the body rotated at an angle of 45 degrees, looking at the camera.
8. "Extend legs": sit, lift your feet, not pressing them to the floor, to rely on the thumbs.
make a professional photo shoot9. "Long legs": lying on your side, bend the upper leg, lower left line.
10. "Victoria`s Secret": shift weight to one hip, acting in any direction, and the upper part of the body to the opposite side of the thigh, head - in the thigh.
11. "Pose dolls №1»: sit down, legs spread apart, elbows to the sides.
12. "Pose dolls №2»: the shoulders tilted forward, stomach in, hands "squeeze" the edge.
13. "Jump": jump or throw an object with a neutral expression.


How to prepare for notices?

  1. Do not experiment with new hairstyles, without knowing the result in advance.
  2. Do not sunbathe for at least 3 days before the shooting.
  3. Do not use the scrub for at least a day before the shooting.
  4. On the eve of the shooting do not drink alcohol or having any parties.
  5. Sleep, you should sleep at least 2 hours longer than usual.
  6. Try to avoid scratching before shooting.
  7. Before shooting try not to wear tight clothes, tight underwear and accessories.
  8. Take makeup, which should be at the foundation shade lighter color, several shades of powder, at least three different keys lipstick, mascara and eyeliner, lip gloss.
  9. Mark as shooting a flesh-colored tights maximum accessories.
  10. It should be home before shooting practice before a mirror.


The most common images when shooting a professional portfolio:

  1. Tenderness and romance
  2. Seduction and sexuality
  3. Business style
  4. The image of the head
  5. The image of "the soul of the company", a gay man
  6. The image of the head of the family
  7. The image of the sportsman
  8. The image of an elegant, refined man


images when shooting posture portfolio

Where can I make a professional portfolio?

  Any person understands that in our society must be able to show itself in all its glory, to achieve the highest status position. It is a portfolio of high-quality photos will be successful in this!

  Make a professional portfolio with us. We work on the principle: "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times".

  Portfolio - our goal is to create a highly professional self-promotion for you to achieve your goals!

where to make a professional portfolio



Your sincerely,

best photographers


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