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What inphotogenic and how to fight it

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fighting with inphotogenic  Photo inphotogenic fighting has lasted long since it become an essential attribute of our lives and it's not a secret! It turns out that pretty cute people in the photos looks, to put it mildly, not in the best way. That big nose and red, the dark circles under the eyes, and they even do not understand that. Justification - it was wrong photographer: man is not photogenic.

   But what inphotogenic?

  This is essentially the same unattractive. After all, if a person is pleasant to watch live, so nice to see his pictures. I.e beautiful person can not be inphotogenic. As you know, there are no ugly people, each in its own attractive. But what if everything seems in place, and in the photo turns out nonsense?

  To get a good photo, it is necessary to know well his body and face in particular. This will help hide the obvious flaws and emphasize the dignity of appearance. To do this, a good idea to pose and wriggle in the mirror, so you can determine the optimum posture and facial expressions for photographing. By the way, grimacing could help to develop facial expressions, make it more expressive.

 photographers who can shoot Photographers who can shoot also need to remember the positions. Curved lines look more elegant, so it is not necessary to keep arms and legs straight. Hands can be bent at the elbow, lay down on his chest, one hand to hold as if straightens her hair, etc. The leg can be put forward, slightly bent at the waist. It is better not to photograph the front and choose instead photo where you will be standing slightly to the side. And in general, do not take pictures with the full face on it (remember your passport photos and you'll see why). If you choose between the top and bottom, always choose a top view, so something you don't like won't be visible i.e folds on the neck (and everyone has them).

  Do not take photos in the hard light that gives large dark shadow. In this case it will be even better to go into the shadows. Therefore, it is desirable to choose a professional soft lighting.

  This is a common situation, but you should also take into account the individuality of each person. If you know exactly how to smile, how to look, keep your hands, pick up hair and makeup, then the problem will disappear by itself. In general, if a person has at least one good photo, he is photogenic. So inphotogenic - a poor excuse for a photographer.

  A professional photographer always select the right light, perspective, background, draws attention to the very best, the most attractive feature of the face and leave in the shadows that would not like to show it. Or turn disadvantages into advantages, what will help to make absolutely any person photogenic thanks to his professional approach!

  Indulge in photography, of course, is not a crime. This is a very useful exercise to develop creative abilities, but if you need a portfolio, it is best to consult a professional in order to save time!



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