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Gift certificates

For more information over getting a gift certificate, please call: +7 91 61 91 2009 or send an e-mail on info@foto-luxe.com.


To please the relatives and loved ones, friends, acquaintances, partners, colleagues, and others, there is an option alowing you to buy a gift certificate for photography.

Certificate to shoot - it's a great gift for a birthday, wedding, birthday party, anniversary, Feb. 23, birth, Valentine's Day, New Year, Christmas, St. Tatiana's Day and many other holidays.

There is currently a boom in gift certificates photographers, that this is now a very popular, original, fashionable and relevant.

Certificate of professional photography presents exciting new experience, impressions, positive emotions, good memories, good mood, elegant photography.

For example, a dog breeder certificate is perfect for shooting his beloved pet, a girl - on a professional portfolio, love - lovestory, the partner companies - advertising photography of their products, and so on.


What gift certificates can be purchased in our site of best pictures?

Our gift certificates are universal, that is, designed individually for you, taking into account all your wishes. We consider any kind of services (photography, courses), Foto-luxe.com, our site and for any amount.

Gift certificate is valid for all types of photography, located in the left column (wedding, romantic, lovestory, family, children, nude, pregnancy, studio, portfolio, art, male or female portrait, black and white, open-air, business, fashion, covers, advertising items, food and beverages, celebrity, interiors, animals, etc.), as well as all types of master classes posted on our website under "Information" - "Courses".


Who can use a bought a gift certificate?

Gift certificates are designed for both individuals (one, two or several people), and legal (advertising, festive, model agencies, and so forth). Organizations and companies can release our gift certificates under its own brand.


What is the cost of a gift certificate?

You can order a certain amount you want to pay by which the recipient of the certificate himself will be able to order any version of the professional photography and a course.

In other words, the price of the gift certificate you can define for yourself, it depends on the package or on the photography course of the photographer you liked in your city, and the photographer may include very different volume of photo services or training, which can be combined and supplemented.

Or you can simply offer any price, and we will help you choose a most interesting option to meet the needs of the future recipient of services.

Certificates for professional photography, professional workshops also help arrange a separate offer. The recipient will only pay the difference in price, if any, will take place.


How to buy a certificate online?

To do this you need to select an option are interested in a professional photo shoot (left column) or course. Including your own suggestions.

We prepare it, you pay and get a personal unique number corresponding to the number of your order. To activate it, simply call: +7 91 61 91 2009 or write info@foto-luxe.com, to book a date.

For registration certificate (book pictures, or order a course) you have to specify the name, email, phone number.

You also can order a gift certificate through the online form below.

Personal number of the certificate confirming the advance payment gives the right to receive goods or services in an amount equivalent to the face value of the gift certificate.


How to use the gift certificate:

1. The date the certificate is open. The date of the photography must be agreed in advance, no later than one week before the desired date of recording or a course.

2. Certificate should be used within 1 year from the date of registration.

3. If the photographer can not be surveyed on the requested date and validity of the certificate ends, in this case, is its automatic extension for the required period.

4. The gift certificates are personalized and can be transferred to third parties.

5. If the value of the desired photo shoot or a master class more than the face value of the certificate, you can pay the remaining part.

6. No funds return.


You can also order a gift certificate for the goods or services of our partners (see "Information" - "Partners"), especially in the professional studio photo processing s01.su, which performs a variety of post-processing options (private and commercial).


Give loved ones, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and different emotions bright moments!

Yours faithfully,

Best photographers


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