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In this section, you can always choose a tutorial to pass, receive detailed information about the conducted classes and ongoing tutorials from our best photographers, see their content, prices, sign up for them, and even more.

To do this you need to select your country (or a prefered location), then the city you want and after that choose the course you're interested in.

If you do not find any information related to your course, please email us a request to our e-mail: info@foto-luxe.com or call: +7 91 61 91 2009 to receive all the answers to the questions you have, also you can enroll in a course via the feedback form, and find out the nearest date of the meeting, and so on.

In addition, you can enroll to any chosen course or tutorial via the online form Place an order for a course, which is located after the description of each course.


Our courses

Our site chooses and presents only the best courses and tutorials, made by our talanted photographers, which are worthwhile, useful and present a high-quality. We kick out quacks whose sole purpose is to make an easy and quick money instead of providing high - quality education of photographic art, as well as those who like to arrange an evening named after themselves.

Master classes on our site, Foto-luxe.com, are carried out only by the most experienced, professional, talented and most famous photographers who have a wealth of experience, unique style and won a wide acceptance of people around the world.

We offer a huge selection of professional courses for beginners or amateurs, and professionals who would like to discover a vide area of new creative ideas, to obtain the necessary inspiration. Fashionable and relevant topics are always considered and, of course, a lot of practice!


What is a course?

Currently, a course is considered as the most fashionable way to gain a rapid development of using new technologies, improvment of skills and professional development. In today's photo industry, they have taken a very strong position, and the attendance on these courses is now extremely grown to the extent that even signing up for the most popular ones are extremely difficult because of the huge number of the apprenticies.

For many people the classes in photography helped to discover something new, the possibility to make life brighter, to broaden the horizons and even provided with the career of a photographer, earning a lot.

A course is a lesson made by the expert in this subject, which allows you to learn and be able to see how the teaching process of others go. Any of our courses are addressed to a specific audience which has a goal to achieve.

Our tutorials include a visual demonstration of the technical side, detailed comments and discussions for better assimilation of the subject.

In the course of photographical art, photographic technology, working with the camera, various sources of studio lighting, accessories, natural light, adding a visual effects to an image are show, also in the course we describe the methods of the post-processing, interaction with the model, and much more, depending on the direction of a particular course.

In addition, any courses often include a practical part and portfolio review



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